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Nope, it's not a farewell gift. XD
A big big thank you to all of you who stayed and will be staying until I come home again.
All the favorites, ratings, comments and the lovely fanarts will be kept with me always.

(I finally got access to this account again!)
Hello readers of OreMono. It has been a year, I have been working on illustrations for the past few years but recently I have gotten back the urge to make webcomics again. It's unfortunate that I won't be continuing OreMono anytime soon. I just don't have enough material and inspiration to work on it as of the moment and it might disappoint a lot of you. However, I am not dropping it either.

If you are eager to read more from me, I started a new comic with my best friend (under a new account) and I'm here to invite you all to check it out. ^^

Letters in Between :

Keep in touch with me through my FB account:

I'll be posting wips,drawings and other stuff here. ^^

As for the EXTRA COMICS from the previous chapters, if you wish to access it the password is: blislove

Thank you so much for all the support. Until I update Oremono again, I wish you all a lovely time.

@richan22: thank you so much! ^^ it took me some time to make this page, it totally felt new but I'm glad it's still okay!

@Bloomer: Thank you so much for the links! I'll definitely check them out. <3 I'm using Clip Studio Paint, I guess I'll just tone with Photoshop since I'm working on a small canvas anyway.

@FayeFox: Yes! I didn't have any plans to drop it in the first place. :) Thank you~

@ToastyBuns: Thanks a lot! I have been focused on other things for the past year and couldn't get myself back to comic-making... I honestly missed it so I decided to continue, now I'm starting from 0 again but it's good to know you're all still here. :3

@CuteMissyCat: Thank you! I missed you all and Smackjeeves, too. ;A; It's been so long...
First things first! Thanks to those who messaged me about Oremono. I am not dropping it, reason why it's still up.
I have been making illustrations for the past year and I admit it has made me forget about webcoming-making... That when I decided to try making webcomics again, I felt so lost. I'm using a new program and it makes it all the worse. But hopefully I can get the hang of it again. Thank you so much for the support. I really need it.

I apologize if my pages will be ugly. Please bear with them. And I hope you'll enjoy them. :)
I'm loving his facial expression so much help D8 (if it were me, I'd do the same Misaki-chan) lol
Misaki's face omg. XD I love his expression in there!
Replies are usually on the same page or next page ^^ Thank you so much for the comments.

Scarce Rose & Oyechi: You're still here T_T omg thank you! <3
White Latina: No need to be, honey~ ^w^
Scenister: Got it! :D
Azure Shade: Thank you so much for reading and for the comment. It makes me happy to know you liked it. I'll try to update often!
T__T This made me really sad because... I might be over-thinking that just like what @BananaMuffinPop said, I think he's running away from his feelings... and... maybe he thinks they're kind of playing with Naoto's feelings even if both of them are serious... The way that this story has unfold is so so getting into me. The gradual occurrence of real-life events are good and so we could see how these two are off-game. I still can't decide who am I for, but I'd love to see how these two deal with their love problems regarding Naoto. I love this story, it hurts that I have to wait for the next pages but I will. And good luck with Pixiv's contest ^^ I'm seriously in love with your art and this story. T__T
Kuro has turned into a cool tanker TuT I missed playing online games. But players like Milo are usually just... using stronger players to level up. Then they'll leave you >__<
AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! :)))) I scrolled down and omg :))) "Baaaa~" <3
I feel bad for Naoto though :( He's so innocent... I wanna go in and hug him. He's so adorable.
I'm one with the customers 8D I would totally love to be in there eavesdropping <3 3p... is love.
I just had an attack :))) LOL I've never had this serious spasms in a long time... and it's all because of your comic T__T I mean this in a good way. <3
OMG ! This is just... lovely T_T I'm having all kinds of feelings right now. Like--- I love how they're twins and OTL I love this comic.
Help T___T I'm dying... This page is so lovely... I couldn't help but comment. D:
Oh God, I almost cried just now too!! T___T I could totally imagine an anime version of this scene XD
This page makes me wanna scream!! T__T I missed your comic so much I'm glad I came back and get to read your comic again. T__T This page is so full of feeels Your art is so so pretty. ;___; I always stop and stare at your pages longer than I intended to.
Worth the read!
I finally caught up with the latest page! I've had your comic in my list for the longest time. Like... ever since it started but I went away. I'm so glad I came back to SJ and read this comic. It's so adorable, and hot. I love the siblings, I love the way you draw their facial expressions. I've had a lot of moments while reading this comic that I wanna laugh out so loud XD Good job. Your art style is very appealing <3 I'm looking forward for more! ^w^ You've just become one of my inspirations T__T /wow it sounded like a love confession. LOL!
Dun dun dun


Minoo: Thank you for the comments! T___T These made my day. But they're no match to yours! ^^ I'm glad you managed to catch up! Thank you *hugs* And also for the wonderful Ichi-fanart.

@LadyRed: I've missed you, too! Thank you so much for the comment and for waiting~ Your comment makes me so happy. Your support is greatly appreciated TuT Thank you! *hugsback*