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*Moved to Rooms/Sprites
Yeah. Like i said.
Minecraft = win.
And for me...
Win games = distracted
Doesn't matter what size it is as long as it's there.
Also, if you expect us to be able to use you in comics, you might want to post your sprites.
As soon as i get through this pose overload, i'll set up my sprites.
Have fun!
A gift, for Lux. Now he has an extra friend pose, and a nifty fusion i made up; 'Luxaku'.
That's the reason i had it big - it cna be copied in sections, not the entire thing, so it wouldn't focus on anything. The person using it could shrink it down at will if they needed it. Restoring origional now.
Looks good.
I know, but on his majority of idle poses his head seems to be tilted down, that's all.
Let's just say i noticed this with Lux's sprites. His head seems to always be tilted downwards... so i thought this up. Maybe you could whip up a normal forwards-looking head, that might help, @lux
Why not?
I could probably make you one though if you really can't.
Please read the previous comic...
so you can learn how to make a room like this.
I know this is MMZ, but this is the best i could get pre-set.

Please download this in order to get the two correct images, as i cannot fit them on Smackjeeves.
This includes the files for making a custom room and the main map.
I was about to say that myself.
Is Leraku one of those fusions?
Whoa now!
Do you REALLY have permission to use the MG staff's characters?
And why are there so many dang recolors of the MG people?!
I mean seriously.
Yumi sprites = Gomi much?
I saw a blue Lyger recolor...