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Ugh I'm so sorry... It took us literally seven months to upload a crappy filler page... I have no excuse (except that college's a bitch and a lot of shit happened)...

Please don't hate us! I'm here with good news! We should start uploading again next week, so I hope you'll look forward to it (I know I do)!

Thanks to all of you who never stopped following the story even though we're terrible human beings! Again, so so so sorry! ;A;

@Myths: Hi! Sorry if this is confusing, the story is a bit of a mess regarding family dynamics and relationships.

Technically speaking, Cupid IS Eros, and Aphrodite IS Venus. Same Gods, different names.
So, yes, Aphrodite is supposed to be Cupid's mother, but as explained somewhere in the comments (it's a question we frequently get), we decided to get rid of most relationships and family ties, because Greek/Roman mythology is pretty messed up when it comes to those. It was easier for us to just assume (in our story), that none of the characters were related.

Also, for some reason, we kept the Roman name, Cupid, instead of the Greek one, Eros, like we did with all the other characters, but that's just because we thought it had a better ring to it.

I'm really sorry if the story's confusing or less enjoyable because if this, we sincerely hope you'll bear with us regarding that matter. Thank you so much for reading our webcomic!
@Dita-san: Tu veux parler de Momo et de sa tronche de déterrée? 0:3
@crazylupus: Ah oui, tiens! C'est triste quand même, quand on voit qu'on peut trouver du bon vin pour pas cher chez nous D:

On est des glandeurs et on aime ça \o/
Yuck, la Vodka c'est bien immonde quand même! :<
Et ouaiiiis, t'es revenue! Il était temps! ;D (dixit la nana qui a rien foutu depuis des mois \o/)
@Kalistraszan: Hi! Don't worry, we get questions like that all the time :3
Actually, as explained in a comment somewhere above, we got rid of most family ties in the story, except for a few. So, in our story, Aphrodite isn't Cupid's mother... just a friend! :) Actually, in most cases, unless it's clearly explained in the comic and/or in the authors' comments, it's safe to assume that the characters aren't related.
I'm sorry of the story's confusing because of that, we're trying our best to make it as clear as possible, but it's still a bit of a mess! ^^'
Also, about the Cupid/Eros thing... well that's just a personnal choice. In french (which is our mothertongue), we use the Roman name a lot more than the Greek one, so it felt kind of weird to change all of a sudden.
Again, I'm sorry if it's confusing, I'm thinking of making a journal or somthing to clear everything up!
I hope you'll bear with our messy story and still enjoy the webcomic!
Thanks for commenting :D
@SnowFishyChip: Aw thanks, I'm really glad you like our work <3
I'm terribly sorry we're taking so long. Sybia is very busy with her exams and has a hard time focusing on both the webcomic and her studies. We'll start updating again as soon as she finds the time to finish the next few pages, although I'm not entirely sure when that will be.
Again, we're very sorry to keep you waiting, I hope you'll bear with us!
update informations!
Hey guys! We're still alive! (Oh, and by the way, unless we make a notice about it, we're not dropping the comic!! I've seen a bunch of you panicking when we last updated, saying you thought this story was dead. It isn't! We're just horrible human beings...)

Again, we're terribly sorry; we keep uploading a couple of pages and then nothing for several weeks. Sybia and I both have been extremely busy, and although this can't exactly be considered as a hiatus, we just wanted to warn you that we're having a tough time catching up with our respective deadlines, and because of that the next updates will be somewhat erratic. It's also safe to say that it's going to be like that until may or june!

On a side-note, we were planning on showing a little illustration as a thanks for our 450+ fans, and as a 2nd year anniversary celebration! Apparently the survey we made about that matter in early december wasn't a big success, and because we only had a couple of votes we kinda dropped the idea. But you will be seeing that illustration at some point, as soon as Sybia finds the time to finish it! And we'll probably be uploading a new page sometime between now and next week!

Until then, thanks for all of you who follow us and bare with our crappy organization!
@crazylupus: ... Pour vous jouer un mauvais tour? (faites pas attention à moi, je vais me pendre)
*creeps from afar, hopping not to get chased down with pitchforks and torches*
We're really really sorry guys, it's been a busy month for both of us ;A;
@Guest: Haha actually we're both girls :D
I understand the confusion, though. Sybia's art is pretty masculine (by that I mean no huge, sparkly eyes and shiny lips). Also since I'm the author of the story, and therefore have no visual impact whatsoever on the webcomic, it's pretty hard to tell my gender aside from the comments I leave :)
But I'm curious, what made you think that I was a boy? ;)
@s_sabando: Mhh, that depends, what do you think? ;D
@Dezzy14: Oh thanks! We'll correct that ASAP!
And we're back
I'm so sorry! Once again, it took us so long to update, but I had to go through a lot of exams and Sybia was busy with her art school! We're really trying our best to keep the pages going!
Also, due to the lack of answers to our "second anniversary" survey, we had to cancel everything. It's sad, but we'll still upload a little something to celebrate (though a bit late, since the said-anniversary was a couple of days ago).
And thus doth begin the fourth chapter! Mayst thou enjoy it! \o/
Hi! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! Both Sybia and I are really to busy with our studies to upload anything, but we're trying our best!

Also, in about a month (15/12), Cupid's a Moron will celebrate its second birthday (hence the party hats)! And since last year's survey was really fun, we decided to throw another one this year (:

This time, you'll have until December the 1st to answer the following question:

Which character would you rather see cross-dressing?

I hope you'll have fun with that! Just like last year, the winning character will feature in an illustration that we'll release on December, 15th!

Enjoy, and thanks for following us <3
@hushsee: Mhh, that's quite true...
Actually we call him Cupid out of habit more than anything. Even in french, I'm used to his roman name, and it felt pretty weird to change it all of a sudden.
But, to be completely honest, we kept "Cupid" because I think it has a better ring to it.
I'm sorry if it bothers you, and I'm quite sure that you're not the only one to feel that way! I guess you could think of that as an author's whim ;)
Again, I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! Both Sybia and I are very busy with our studies, so we might not be able to update twice a week as we used to!
Again, we're really really sorry!
Anyhow, enjoy the extra chapter, guys!
@LoveMeAlways :D: No, I'm sorry! I was indeed pretty unclear with my answer. And your comments aren't annoying at all! Truthfully, I'd rather answer several times to similar comments than let people get the wrong idea about the comic.
But no, Cupid and Aphrodite are in no way related in that story. She's ABSOLUTELY not his mother!
I know it's strange for many readers (especially people who know at least a thing or two about Greek Mythology), but we really thought that in a story with modern settings, having all gods related to one another would quickly become confusing, and maybe a little weird.
We've really butchered mythology, please forgive us! D:
And I'm really glad you enjoyed the comic so far, thanks a lot for your support! ;D
YAY! End of chapter three!
I'm working as hard as I can on chapter 4, but we might not be able to submit the first pages right away. I started med school a couple of weeks ago, and I have a hard time writing anything good. Please forgive me! D:
Anyhow, thanks for following our comic and baring with our crappy humor!