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Magic shield ftw!
Poor Lotus.....
Let's just say, i greatly enjoy vanorian fashion....
Seems like there might be something strange about Lita....
We finally get to see the king's face!!!HOORAY!!!
Whew! That was a doozy!
Things are about to get interesting...
grand entrance!!!!!
We finally get to see the Protagonist! Are you excited?are you? :Di know i am!!
Intermission page
I plan on hopefully getting OBAK printed somehow, so thats why this is here.... I'll be posting an extra page just because of that....
ahhh the struggle....
What can i say, its the first page....
Just to hipe it up a little, i decided to post the cover.
Here's a quick update guys, to show you my progress on the AM revamp. here's Azaria in her ceremonial Angel outfit. Kinda looks like a cross between decorative armor and battle armor huh?
I just wanted to let you guys know that i really am working on revamping the story. Make sure to check the news section periodically! Or check out my Deviantart account if you'd like.
god, atty's face... He looks sooo disgusted... like he just put on a huge glob of muK...get it? MUK!!! *is shot*
Sorry Guys, Uni just started last week, and i've been getting things ready for it.I'll try my best to continue, but its really unlikely that i'll be able to keep doing Angel Mystic, or any of my other webcomics during the semester.PREPARE FOR A LOOOONG HIATUS.
Page 22
chapter one is slowly coming to an end guys.. still working on chapter two, so after the last page for chapter one is posted, i'll be going on hiatus for a while so that i can finish chapter two and provide you with more regular updates(hopefully). Also, go check out my other comic Tsuki no Oujo, as I'll begin posting pages there very soon.I'll keep you all updated on that...
red thread of fate?
It seems you still have human despising angels up there.MEHEHEHEHEHEHE..
Filler image
Well, the first half of chapter 1 is done.Can't wait for everyone to see the next page! have fun guys!
Here's the cover.