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YAY YOU'RE BACK!! I have been eagerly awaiting your return :D
so sorry that I haven't updated in forever. I've actually had this page inked for ages, but I haven't had time to tone/whatever-you-call-it it. I'm all caught up in college application frenzy, if that counts as any kind of justification...

~aeondesires: Yep, I'm back-ish...sort of. Aaaand, yes, I'm rather fond of leg warmers/loose socks too. Akira's just...a meanie. Haha.
~Fishstick: I'd be mortified too...
WHAT?? PEOPLE DON'T LIKE REN?? But he is so amazing. Is it even possible to not like him...
filler time. Hooray for group-ish pictures; I'm attempting to work on composition a bit. Haha, sorry for the lack of updates. I love all you guys who continue to follow my crummy comic. >.<
lol I love the little bird thingy falling
you can't read what Clover's saying, it's "It was great! I went fishing and surfing and to the beach and I hung out with friends..." and it's supposed to kind of trail off.

The sky picture came from:
He looks so angry!! If looks could kill, I think everyone reading this would be dead...
Aww so adorable...and so helpful xD
~CRYSTAL--: Yeeppp, I think if I knew someone like Akira, I'd go crazy with all the random polite/rude comment switches...
~KO_Okami: Yeah it's been a while...I feel so bad that I don't update more often. A lot of the time I just get a huge art block, or I can't figure out a good page layout...
this rare? COLOR!! Haha this was actually quite fun.

So I'm going to try something new with comment responses. Not like I get that many to begin with... But instead of responding in the next page, I'll just keep editing this first comment box with every comment.

~xCielx: (Since I guess you were the only one on the last page, I'll just answer you here. xD) Thanks for the hair comment! I think toning hair is the only enjoyable part of tones, although that's still kind of tedious. I'm glad you think Akira is cool because he's supposed to seem that way; I find sarcastic people to be really nifty, sometimes...when they're not too brutal...
~*Kari*: Yaaayy!! I'll try. Since I think I have more time now, I hope I can crank out more pages.
~aeondesires: Maaaaybeee, but then again maybe not. Akira's a smart cookie xD
~xCielx: I colored it by hand with Copic markers. I really REALLY love watercolors, and I'd love to color some pages with them, but I gotta figure out a way to prevent my paper from dying with the water...
OOH THIS IS SO GOOD! The flow of the story so far is really nice... -___- she seems kind of mean...
Haha...I'd be the one totally unable to find any constellations.
whoa...The voting comic thing totally reminds me of the cake challenge thing I was watching on food network a couple days ago o.O
Um yeah, doing this way takes way too long. I wouldn't expect another toned page for a while...

@xCielx: Haha, yeah I tried to make sure he sounds extra polite.
@aeondesires: Yes, I love dark chocolate! xD
Hmm-- *taking the bait* I wonder why Xin hates him?!?! And what the heck is Van Aerden doing...I take it he likes to sing/quote stuff in a creepy way.
The first panel is really cool. I like the way he's placed on the left and the simplicity of the remaining space.
the flashback is over. Thank god, I was getting tired of drawing much too adult-like children. Wow it's been so long that I think I forgot how to draw my characters. Forgive me if they look kind of different.

@xXTheMadHatterXx, funkymonkey, Zhai, xCielx: Thanks for the comments. I happen to like dark chocolate. xD Thanks for the border feedback; I think I like it better with a border too.
@Meganekko-San: Yep, I love eating dark chocolate. And about that girl, there are just some mean, attention-loving, bullying people in the world.
oh no! what's he going to do without bailey?!
wow his hair is...REALLY COOL!
Aw that's sad. I like his friendly attitude.