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I'm Rain and I like to draw queer comics
Bck from cool leg
Hello hello! Back from my first quarter at SCAD! College was....uhh, college. I'm getting to work on RAINBOW as promised, but I thought I'd start with this! I've noticed in the past some people seem to think I'm the only one around, which is definitely not the case. We're a team! And we have plenty of projects besides RAINBOW. Normally they are a joint effort story wise, but I would say on this one RAINBOW is more her work than mine. I hope you enjoy it, I should start posting stuff soon! Either once or twice a week, I'm not sure. Regardless it will most likely be once a week when I return to school. I'll also be posting it on tumblr, which I will give a link for when the page is ready.

I think it's funny how over time we grew to resemble the characters we individually created a bit (Mimi for me, and Boo for her). I just cut off most of the last of my hair last week. Woop!
I didn't realize you had started a comic! Looks really good, I love your art!! >v<
Haha, that was fast. XD
I like Courtney's outfit, by the way. <3
I was kind of intimidated to start reading this comic at first due to it's length, but to my own surprise I finished it in one sitting still clicking the next button for more! Very nice <3
No school today due to hurricane, I thought I'd take the time to do a page.

Lazy one, but.....ah well.
I still want to continue! <3 Very cute by the way~
Heyyy guys I just started school two weeks ago, I think I've finally adjusted sleep wise (that first week, I fell asleep as soon as I hit the couch after coming home every. single. day. that week.) So here, an update! I wanted to update yesterday after updating my own comic (that one comes first!) but guess what, I fell asleep....better late than never! I like how Mallory came out a lot.

Anybody else start school yet? Or are other things keeping you busy?
This is adorable on so many levels. Possibly thousands of levels. <3
YAY another tomboy <3 (and redhead haha) Added her to my character busts C:
Oh my god.
The way you draw Jo, especially in that last panel....I think I just had a heart attack from the cuteness....
I really like the way you've colored this page. The shading really adds to it. C:
lol xD I wonder if cat and dog will be able to get along in this scenario~
Hahahaha I love the I WILL KILL YOU panel XD especially how the speech bubble is slithering out of her mouth.
Daww that last cute <3 Kitty is giving hugs too~
Better get used to it, Fay.

Also she's supposed to be changing in a bathroom just outside the pool. All the pools I've ever been to seem to have one. XD
My god their faces. Bringing "cutie hunting" to an all new, frightening yet hilarious level.
And I thought I'd be safe when I stopped playing Amnesia. NOPE. XD
Hehe Caylie's bathing suit is so cute, I want one ;v; and Fayline is still so pretty here I can't get over it XD <3 I'll get started on a page now ~

and I also love that panel in the top right, it reminds me of Adventure Time.
I must say, I really like her hairstyle (and her name. <3). I added her to my character busts.
Daw MeiMei you're so cute, be wary of the dark side...! XD
Oh my gosh her face in the second panel XDDD hahahaaa XD