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My name is Sugar and I'm a magical girl.

We make comics I do the writing the other half and the incredible artist is MadameSusu!

Thank you for visiting!
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Adorable! Your traditional tart is so sooo cute! I'm a big fan of traditional art and would love to see more of it hehe super super job on the comic so far by the way I just love it! :3 I don't remember if I thanked you for the fanart of Boo by the way x3 So thank you so much it was SO SO adorable and it made me so happy that you drew that for us x3
I love her hair!! So cute >u< and I happen to LOVE the colors of her clothes X3 those are happy-making colors~ lol <3 Good work with your comic I love it so far so much >u<
This comic. It's a beautiful thing o;u;o! It's so true and funny keep it up cause I love it XD
I'm HERE <3
I finally caught up to the present! I started reading it from the begining a couple of days ago and I've been glued to it every chance I got! <3 I just lovei t it's amazing! Wonderful wonderful! My favorite couple is EllenxBen LOVELOVELOVE <3 (>W> It's a pairing yesh?) I'm so glad I made it to the present before it ended! *hugs* You work so hard on this amazing job amazing