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A comic artist, railfan, and diesel mechanic. I'm a bit aloof and often do my own thing.
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    Jesse Perry
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Thank You
Thank You to all of you who have supported me over the years.
What about his friends?
That's for another story.
Don't you hate the lightheadedness after a nose bleed?
Some people can't handle the sight of an exposed boiler.
Two comics in one week?
Yep, you're welcome.
The truth is revealed!
And now we know, and knowing if half the battle!
When was the last time I broke the forth wall? Oh well, that dry spell is over.
Random Fact.
Rail's nose is his most exposed weak spot, due to the veins in his nose are close to the surface.
Thing of note.
If there's one thing to learn from this, is that Rail has a nasty left hook.
No excuse
The is no excuse for how bad the cushions on the couch are off, except for maybe it can deify the laws of physics.
Shading FTW!
It's amazing how shading can give you a feel of depth.
New Style and Public Service Announcement
New comic with a new style, and a Public Service Announcement that could save the world.
End of this Short Story
How can you make a not-so-good-looking drawing look somewhat respectable? Add some fancy shading. But yeah, I finally finished that story that I should have over a year ago. I'm currently working on the plot for the next story, and expect it to look a bit different.
Being sick sucks.
Sorry I was so late with this one, I was sick the last three days. It was like a bad head cold mixed with a sinus infection, so yeah. The next page will be thee last for this short story.
It pays in the end.
Return of the overly red chest hair.
along with some other things. For some resone the quality of this page seems alot better than the others to me.
This message will self destruct....
Yeah, That central frame is based on that specific scean from Inspector Gadget.
Repair Manual
For those of you who didn't notice, Rail pulled this repair manual from his hammerspace subconiously on page 3. I'll probly explain this in a later comic.
Man Down!
Or is it steam intergrated person down?
What a differance...
... one year can make on your skills.