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I compare myself to the self-awareness franchise... Don't look at me like that, shut up!
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1/ *Removes scouter from face* ... I'd say maybe 30 or so! :) *Smashes scouter*
2/ Mooglesam got it right, right there! Need I say more?

It looks like Jason.


Just got rocked!


... I'm leaving now! ¬-¬;
A Steel type Eevee? :3 *Slapped with a fish* Ow! Ow! Okay, okay...

Interesting twist there. Then again, the leg WAS considered to be broken, so...
A little vague
Not quite sure what you're looking for there...

For a Strong-Looking Pokemon that outclasses a Vulpix and an Eevee, both appearing in the field group, my vote goes to Rhyperior.

For overall raw power, I say Darmanitan, just can't beat Sheer Force so quickly.

Otherwise, I'd say Nidoking. You just can't beat that imposing figure he can have. Sure to strike fear on anything and anyone...
Could be...
Though I thought it was a movie reference! :x

Well, least I know now! :3
Only three left?
Still 3 at the time of you writing that? What is this world coming to? I thought they'd be filled by then...

Chapter four! :3 Looking forward to it!
I suppose having a blind Cyndaquil would somewhat explain the Brock-like eyes they have... But I wonder if the same will hold true upon Evolution... :3 *Is now interested*
Sunflora = Luv! :3
Kyubbi on leash = LOL! x3

Nicely done mate! Well thought out!
We need sunlight!
I think I may have worked out why they're doing this before dawn... Leaf Guard! :3

... Well, that's my reason and I'm sticking with it! o3o

Ah yes, concerning the O's made on the vines, doing that actually does have a good effect to it. Granted, not as big as binoculars would have, but they still work to a point.
Sometimes a little motivation can come from the most likely of sources! :3
So you suppose PTK has been playing out this 'another matter' in his head? Perfect spot.... Hmm...
>Scyther used Charm
>It's not very effective!

... Well, could've been Attract, but eh. :v
Just as Keikaku! :3

Eh, let's just say that it's just too early for something like that. Maybe later? Who knows, but now... Nah, it'd just be too awkward... :)
It's a trap!
Answer that question, and you will live to regret it until the next batch of free poffins!

Run! Run very far away!
I think the ability nis that Shinjy/Patch finally learned how to walk on all four paws! :v

... What? That's wrong? Preposterous!

To be serious though, I'm not going to hazard guessing, I'll just blissfully wait! :3
Poffins! That is all...
Poffins = Day made!

Who needs sunsets when you have poffins? :3
Wait, what?
Was she headed back to the rooms?

Some adventure! :v
Juuuuuust a minute!
Pea actually achknowledged Pi as his trainer! Albeit a passing comment.

Is he starting to accept her? :3
Your babies are growing up! And with it comes new dangers...

... Mostly to your foes, but still...

I wonder if Dock will get upset over the fact that the ability will slow down Pi...
Bouncing Pokeball is confused!
In Ray's defense, he IS also part-Electric type, which negates the Flying type weakness of his Bug typing! :3

You still make a fair argument though. Moar grindin'!