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Likes:food, money,manga,friends, playing on my computer, playing field hockey.
Dislike:egotistical idiots, highschool football players, kids at my school,rascists, and homophobes.
food:Spaghetti, garbonzo beans, schpezzla,gholosh*, and artichokes.
store:i love to go to thrift shop, and Target.
music:Rufio, Queen, Death Cab for Qutie, and Sufjan Stevens/ All Time Low/ Early November/ We The Kings
*I think thats how you spell it *-*
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    not something u will know
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I like this very nice looking good luck with AP those classes just suck the life right out of you
No Worries last friday i had an emotional breakdown too.... That is soo cute
hahah that was really funny great job on the art
floating heads remind me of when I pulled an all nighter and went to school. Well my friend called my name I looked out of the corner of my eye and her head was floating.After I screamed i sent this little kid sprinting for his life...good times good times
LOVE is blossoming everywhere I love you and this comic!!!!!!!!
AK is a genius!!!!! He can sheat all he wants!!!!!!
July 16th, 2007
eye on the hand just like that dude in Labrynth.
June 27th, 2007
Love his expression in the last panel.Can't wait for more
RIchard is so sappy...and pervy...ohwell. let the show continue
I wuv your comic!!!!!!
TT-TT oh noes alex is deaded. that is so x10 sad!!!!! Now im really sad.TT-TT
June 23rd, 2007
'I'm a girl now' love it.
I love the pose he makes.
I love you icon Iris!
I love everything *dances in field of flowers*
<This is for all the times of trouble> I love Linn's manager!!
Can't wait for more
June 16th, 2007
POOR kaori
He is so sweet
June 13th, 2007
This page is adorable especially "I want a boyfriend" Yay for flash backs
WIsh they all were california girls
It so funny I'm a California gal and the kogals actually look like some grls at my school. Fakerbakers galor. Almost all the blondes aren't natural. I think its so funny. I'm naturally darker skinned so I all the jealous glares from the 'umpalumpas' stick w/ natural people SO much better

CALIFORNIA girls the best.
LOVE the whole page I fell over laughing.
I love your comics. Its great.
Liam don't say Anything. You never know what'll happen.