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I'm a fanservice and slash artist. <3

My original art is pin up and tragedy.
I thought seaweeds sleeve was an empty speech bubble. XD
I'm on assistant's side! HOLY HOT! I wanna check dat ass too!

...what? You left what was going on under that pile to my imagination.
Yes only Zelda game I will never finish >_<
full dick panel win
Ha ha it's spilling out!
Awww. Barely got to see XDDDD
At first I thought it was a three people having fun there! XD
I love Hoppip!
*cough* Action replay code.
Pearl and ribbon bondage. Love.
Dem bunny ears. >w< . Like the new layout too.
Someone's excited. oh my... >3>
girl? I think not. ITSATRAP!
Good perspective!
U shud post this on Da (soicanfaveit) <3
....For some reason it makes a cute pairing??? >_>