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Oh man! Is Guy being blinded by the 3D on the new 3DS? What is he playing? And yes! Huzzah for an update! I like how you tease us with color! :P
No fair! When does Chapter 3 start? And when did Guy become a Spy?
AHHHH!!!! Mystery continues! How mean! Where did he go?

(OK, secretly I love it. Shhhh...)
He's playing Fighting Street 8 legally now? Was he cheating before?
Dancing is /never/ useless.
Adorable! Love the new cafe location!
A bit lost here...
I feel like I missed the lead-up to what Guy was gonna drop a secret about. Was this continuing from an earlier comic or am I missing something?
I approve of this comic
Have you ever considered waking a series of comics that are actual recipes? Because recipe cards/instructions could really use some spicing up in general, and this is adorable!
I'm sorry, but coffee cup is *still* the best! (Next to giraffe)
Oh man! Romance? You clearly know how to hook us in!
I could really use a dog that makes coffee... Does he shoot lasers as well?
Wait, are you in the comic now? Also, a dog that makes coffee? Where do I sign?
DOWNLOAD Complete!
Oh man, Bea! I'm now a bit curious where you're taking this. Nice ending!