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i like to read a lot of novels and manga, like to listen to alternative rock, my hobbies is sleeping and drawing.
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Happy Birthday! May your wishes come true!
i love how the cover came out!
happy independence day :D!!!!
also i was wondering if you may give the website name i would love to get some practicing on copic markers when you can of course :)
of course i can wait to read new pages for chapter 2 :)
CONGRATULATION ON THE 100TH PAGE!!!! and i hope they find sunlight soon!
that's one scary dragon T^T, can't wait to read more!
hope the trust becomes that vespera is giving to ireth becomes strong because like Dracone said "trust is a 2 way path/road/street and is important" :)

hope to read more soon!
well doesn't she have a habit in jinxing herself :/ but i think it's too late Ireth!
Can't wait to read more soon!
with the practicing in outrunning dragons from stealing her fish is one heck of a work out!!! and poor Ireth
Yay! i hope you update soon! XD
Please update soon!!! its an awesome comic XD
January 21st, 2012
Can't wait to see the new style!
I hope you get better soon too and don't me can wait ^^
lol XD
October 23rd, 2011
yay! its back!!!!!
whateverhappen to Kai, me miss him T^T
wow! awesome