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My Beans Are Cooler Than Yours
Hey there! My name is ARC. This is one of those side accounts that I won't get on too much. Any webcomics that I make on this account might not update much. Too bad!

Anyways...Yup. That's it.

Oh. Yes. And I'm going to start a new comic soon. About something and someone at some time. It's obviously a secret.

And I'll read your comics if you ask me. Just not any sprites. I seriously hate those. To me, it seems uncreative and lazy. Changing the colour and name of some sprite doesn't make it your OC. No seriously people. It doesn't. So don't ask me to read those. I'll be quite frustrated if you do.
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I was busy playing that all weekend. I can't wait for it to come out.
Don't worry!
I'll be fine I just have to carry around an inhaler from now on. :D Although my doctor seems to be a bit of a creeper.
I have been hospitalized.
I figured out that I'm asthmatic. I had an asthma attack when nobody was around and almost died. I'm hooked up to a few machines right now. Apparently, it's bad and I haven't done anything to bring it up until now. I'll be in the hospital for a few more weeks getting a bunch of tests done all all that. I've been doodling a bunch to keep my mind off things. I'll show you guys all of my doodles when I get out of here. I can't take being in one place for too long. ADHD and all that. I'm going mad in here.
Aww. You guys make me blush. :D
Oh yes. Stereotype breaking is delicious~.
Ugh. My tablet doesn't work any more. I had to make this with my trackpad. I might just have to do these pictures in SAI...I need to get a mouse for my laptop. I added colour...bleh. Shading would take too much time without my tablet.

Well. Because Nico is Italian, he doesn't follow American drinking laws. He loves to hang out in bars and listen to disco music. Puppies and silent movies are a yes. Popcorn, bowling and waffles are a no. His piano skills are over 9000.