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Whenever I have free time, I work on my game. Although I like being a gamer though.
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Whether you like it or not eh...?
Meh no comment.
@Gigi19972010: Ha ha my bad. I wonder when did I misspelled it? I thought for sure I spelled it right.
Damn Keeby, he taught Kirby not to eat unknown items for potential power... Well good luck trying to get the food out of Caiya lol.
@Koopario: Well, when one predicts the future, normally it would all go 100% prediction but if 2 future predictors were to fight against each other for their desire future, well it gets really confusing what the future will be. Seeing as Xaiolin didn't get his full 100%, it would mean the someone else interfered it. But then again, Xaiolin himself did said it was only so-so for his future prediction so that might explain why..... unless Keedy somehow defies Xaiolin's future prediction logic.
I remember finding the letter in this stage. It was pure coincidence for me and I was like WOOOT! for finding my first letter in this game. Fun times....
Oh no.... Why fight fire with fire?! Don't we all know that it'll only increase more and destruction?! Well I can only hope they can accept the consequences for destroying their home.
If Xaiolin couldn't see Keedy in his future prediction....That means someone interfered with Xiaolin with someone who can predict the future. But that is just my speculation.
I'm surprised Waddle Doo has the strength to even use a huge fishing pole lol....
Burn... but for what reason?!
......Kids... beings kids.. Always so energetic..
I bet Xiaolin wants to draw something on Kirby's face! I mean who wouldn't want to write something on someone's face when they are asleep?
Man, Kexas would soon learn that there is always someone who is better than him.
Are they going to fight for the doughnut sticks? Hmmmm......
Better than fighting new and harder enemies so that you can pass through the stage easier. Of course there are people who loves a challenge..... And I'm one of them! lol
Annnd being a wimp is bad because.....?

Sheesh Master Green should've remember that Shat'l isn't good at fighting lol.
But Core, why not?
Probably Xaiolin wants to join the fun in the brain you know? I mean look at him running!
Maybe the color represents her health condition like how it is for Author Doo except only his emotions for color change.