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I love economics, graphic design, quails, and the art of Taiyo Matsumoto and Roy Lichtenstien.
I currently maintain an artistic presence on Smackjeeves and Deviant Art and contribute as often as possible to Illustration Friday.
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    S. A. Broder
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I picture his body to just gradually disappear into nothingness, like a ghost fading away. Not a violent cut or anything. Maybe he'll oblige assistant and strip.
"I before E except after C!"
Typo on "receive" in the last panel ;)
Which is excellent, btw
He looks charming. Can't wait to learn more about him!
Ahhh, your expressions are such a delight
Typo: should say "choose for the job"
Other than that looks awesome!!
This picture is absolutely stunning.
His look of disdain in that second panel is what makes this page for me.
I'm so busy I never come onto Smackjeeves...
Except to read Gloomverse :)
The restart is awesome so far! I love it as much as version 1. Keep at it!
Looks great :) I'm a little sad that we'll be back-tracking in the plot a bit because I loved where it was going, but I totally understand and I'm excited to see the changes! Plus I anticipate that you'll catch up to where you are now pretty fast
Your art is very beautiful.
Ohmygosh! The action in this page is sooo intense! It feels so real! Your poses and expressions astound me! They are really dynamic but not in an unbelievable way. Feels like I'm watching a movie. Looks great!
I gotta say at first I just clicked this comic outta curiosity and checked it every now and again but now I'm always anxiously awaiting an update and its possibly my fave on this site! You've really hooked me, which is the goal of most comics (and few do as well as you) so congrats. Keep up the great work!
Xan looks really cute in that bottom panel btw.
OMG Luke and Rasputin! Just made my day :D Great page!
June 24th, 2011
Love it!
Have fun at your drawing camp- that's legit!
4th panel is the cutest thing I've EVER seen!
June 7th, 2011
actually this is a really cute page!
Beautiful art! Can't wait to keep reading this! FAVED!
EEEK! Its a good thing your protagonists are so loveable too or I'd switch sides :D
June 5th, 2011
OMFG Narnia!!!
Also- get better soon!
May 29th, 2011
Bird in first panel= <3