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I'm currently studying Computer Animation at Columbia College in Chicago and loving it!

That aside, I enjoy drawing, animating, reading, movies, cooking, eating, reading webcomics, Dungeons & Dragons, and gaming in general, especially Call of Duty 4.
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    Kevin Bley
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Liking that rim light, Nick-o!

Keep it up!
I hope Hamish can cast Featherfall...
Really diggin' panel two there, boy-o.
That was a good trade of dialogue at the beginning there, chief.

That, and Wasp looks awesome, as usual. :3
I'm diggin' the first panel. Good composition with the vial in front and Wasp in the back, with Jack's face in the middle ground. I almost wish there was a little depth of field to it, but that might make the vial difficult to identify.

Wasp's construction on that panel's pretty spot-on too.

Nice work, Nick-o!
Aw, dude!

Sweet! You used my random sketchy thing. XD
We better get to see Wasp mess some monsters up. :P
Oh man!

Epic, I say, epic. I'm a bard now. :3

If I start up Reliquary again, I'll have to throw some sort of similar thing in and make this an ongoing joke. :P
I definitely love this cover, man! Great angle, nice line variation, good use of shading, and nice job blending it with the background.

*thumbs up*

Love the expressions in the last panel.

Keep it up, chief. Your art's definitely improving!
It's definitely awesome watching your artwork and style improve, champ.

Can't wait to see the next installment!

Perhaps I'll get Reliquary updated one of these days...
A futurISTIC shoe.

A futuristic shoe talking to a fox...

That makes it...y'know...less asinine...maybe.
Gotta say I like her in panel five more. :P

Thanks much for the comment, Nic.

Glad to hear you like it. :3
We're all Simpsons nerds here.

That's exactly where it came from...

Yes, Captain Complainsalot. Take it up with Isaac, not me. I don't write the scripts.
Yes, I realize Kros' foot wound is on the wrong foot in the first panel. I had to flip the entire panel around to make the bubbles flow, or Krysta would have been one gigantic bubble for Leo.
Yeah, it was tough keeping that a secret.

It kinda got leaked to some of my friends due to my retardation. > _>;

But we were good about hiding it for the most part.

Now you know why Leo wears the high-collared tunic thingy. :P
I'm really sorry about these bizarre delays and issues.

School's really taking it out of me this semester. I have to find a roommate in Chicago so I don't have to commute there for class. (Yes, Zach, I know it's not your fault. I never blamed you in the first place. :P)

Regardless, I had to break the climax into two parts, since I just couldn't get all six panels done this week and didn't want another week's delay.

Sorry sorry sorry, and thanks for sticking with us.