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I enjoy webcomics way too much for my own good. But sadly, I'm not skilled enough to make my own. :/
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I just found this comic and read all of it, and oh my gosh your art is so nice! The lines and colors are just so pleasing to look at! Is that weird to say? lol

Kylee going out to learn how to ride a the middle of the himself... Sounds like a fantastic idea and absolutely no chance of him horribly injuring himself o.O
Your art is so gorgeous. I'm definitely loving this comic. :]
Bobby was such an adorable little child, what happened to him? D:

I think that you should think about the book thing a little more. You should figure out where you want volume 1 to end first. Otherwise, it would be awkward later on if you decide to print more.
lmao! I can't stop laughingg. Jock! how could you do such a thing?!
Noooooo! This isn't allowed to happen!! D:
Poor Val- Zaddy's such a meanie xP
I'm going to die of happiness from them getting back together and of depression from it ending all at the same time!
This was definitely one of my favorite webcomics of all time. Awesome story and awesome characters. I'm sad to see it end, but it had to happen eventually.
And just saying, if you ever do print this story I will most definitely buy it. :]
xD I totally had a giggle fit when I saw Ed's dad in chibi form. lol

and yayy! Home time!
This was almost definitely my favorite comic on smackjeeves. I really hope you make some kind of sequel eventually. :)
lol; aww haru's so cute <3
These two are soo freaking adorable!! I loves them!!! x3
Oh my, Shira. Does this mean you're going to do something to change it?
I certainly hope so. xP

and also, the art in the second to last panel (Haru's face) is absolutely gorgeous! <3 I'm jealous. ;P