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I was brought up by a Mimes when i was found outside a french orphanage. I then escaped from the silence and learnt the ways of the ninja and how to talk from su mer ghie. My makeup has never come off and i got a hotdog suit stuck on me during some drunken night.
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Plokman Ploks a Plok.
I know what he means. Also thanks for the advice. I hate people like pingas who just say it's crap but don't give advice to help. How can i improve if i don't know how?
First megaman sprites i ever made, so they're not that good.
How many five year olds do you know that can sprite? I want to meet these five year olds that can sprite. And this actually doesn't look like crap. Crap is what comes out your butt. This is neither brown or gross.
>Pretend you're still king
Actually i made it,and the mario one. Just saying
>Throw the rats at something
Yes, i'm making an epic CYOA game. Guide a circle through some epic adventures, one including a never before seen shape! Coming soon...
You have a choice. You can either control Lua then switch back to the Owls after they land, or you can keep controling the owls. Your choice.

P.S: You can make two commands this time, one for the above and one for what happens next.
Can you have more than one character?
Only one comment per person please!

Unfortunately you'll have to post your command on the page when i say so.
Commanded by Xanden Man the assasin
i can guess who the date is...
Commanded by Zacktheechidana/fox
Commanded by Xanden Man the Assasin
Commanded by zacktheenchidna/fox
Commanded by Xanden the assasin

Luka is Leia?!

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