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Hey, my names Fredrick and i like to draw and write, so i'll do some comic stuff here!
I hope you enjoy!
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    Fredrick Ayodeji
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I'm Back!
Here -->
Ya it's over because i did not feel like doing a story that was as boring and poor drawn as this. But despite all of this, im glad i even had the chance to do this. I learned alot and im thankful for it. Thank you to all of those who fanned my first piece and i hope i can write as well as draw for you sometime in the future.
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You are nothing less than the ut most purest of Awesomeness.
You should consider having this published.
I did this.X3
I did this and im proud.
It's Organized.
It's Better looking.
I did this.
Thanks to anyone reading this!
For those who did not understand the previous chapters, this is a simple texted re-cap of what happened in the chapters. Sorry for the late update! Laptop Probs!
The start of chpter four.
p.s. those are souls
This chapter is over. It has been too long and personally hate this chapter because it took too long. The main plot will start soon hopefully.
There has been alot of fillers in this chapter so on Monday i will go back to the plot!
just a little bit more;(
I got a Wacom Intuos 4 Wifi for Christmas and i'm lovin' it with all my heart! Due to the fact I have never used one before means i suck at it. For now enjoy my first ever sketch from my Intuos!
Your Welcome!
This is a special made comic to introduce the main Cast for the Fillers who are;

Nadia the goth cat, Jose the squirle, Grant the Doberman, Rickey the Tiger, Star The Golden Cat, and Bre'anna the Fox.

Along with them are the 2010 Character Draft who are;

Shiroha Inuka(Hiro) Sedric's 21 year-old cousin, Elliot(Ell) Alecia's 21(326)year-old Cousin, and Kuroshiro Kiene(Shiro,Ro)A 12 year-old Dragon who befriends Nadia, Star and Bre'anna.

Happy Belated Thanks Giving!!
The fight begins
Hey the next comic after this is the last! The main plot is almost here! Srry for the late update!
The new Verge of Cliche now includes:
-Mangaka Style(read right to left)
-and more!
(also, Alecia is not pink. That was a computer malfunction)
Sorry for the late update! But i have a present for you on Monday for those who read this!
I will launch a line of fillers after this comic.
~8 updayes left~
Filler# 1
This is my first filler comic, emphasis on COMIC.
~9 updates left~
Surprise Update!
Update on Sunday!
~10 Updates Left~
Update Mania
I will be updating like a lunatic starting Monday! Enjoy the consecutive updates! Also, don't the words look nice? And aren't too?. Yes, My art has changed for those who haven't noticed. -->11 updates left<--
I'm changing up the way i set up my comics in a total of (EDIT)[1] consecutive updates. I will pro long chapter three mainly with fillers so i can start off chapter 4, our main plot, with nice detail. Also, you had caught Lane while he was still being drawn! That rarely happens!
Comic Titles
I've officially decided to give up on comic title, but i will still name chapters though. Just a reminder, I will be doing some site maintainace this weekend so here is the comic for Saturday.