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wait if he had his clothes why did he suddenly end up on the ground again
great now that i wanna attempt an update i cant remember kais last comic exactly
all i remember is Alex getting knocked out and kai leaving XD
Yea dude your back
Was quite different without u here
Got bored hadnt sprited in a while did this
I cant im surprised. The tensions been building and it only a matter of time till it snapped
aww man i dont like being near slime maria especially cuz i dont have time on my hands to update and we knw what happens when u dont update and slime maria is near
lol angelist Well im not sure about Alex or Kai but Helix uses close and mid rage combat particularly his energy pistols
Now Helix doesn't necessarily have to fight Jeffery He just stepped in before Kai and Jeff could. But who ever updates next will decide what to do
wats the big deal it jus one boat do they really need it back XD
New Nightmare gets an A++ from me
wow i only jus saw this ive been busy playin my new Xbox 360 with Battlefeild 3 :D
cuz theres more than 1 giant slime maria
Apologies might be in order
Im sorry if this messed up anyone's update plans specifically Kai and Alex but i had this idea for a while and i really wanted to update since im on a day off from skool

:On another note Its Friday :D
wait i forget what did blue do again
i find the third panel kinda hard to read
There used to be a silvanic on a youtube series by VGMrulez but he deleted those vids -_-
aww and here i was gonna design air ships and stuff
December 6th, 2011
sure np
December 6th, 2011
And so Helix Accepts the offer to end the war
I think ill handle the next update