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Chrono Z
I try to get people to improve,to above or atleast my level of spriting/etc. I try to improve myself though.
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Chrono Z
February 3rd, 2012
>Tell them the balls are inert.
>The guy is dead. ALL BOSSES HAVE 2-9000 FORMZ COME ON GUIEZ
>Run in screaming friendship is magic.
I know about that, but that was one episode. Hmmmmm?
Johhny: Tell them there not good enough to be a boss, so there a mini boss- Crush there morale!
He doesn't really do much in season two,
look at season one. He play a kind of important, or important part in almost every episode. Now Spike just like...Doesn't do anything.
How would they make an episode about READING? What is Rainbow Dash going to sit somewhere and read for 30 friggin minutes?
>Use your MAGIC POWERZ to be next to that one guy were supposed to see.
>Notice the smoke, and alert the teach.
Wtf is up with all these Applejack episodes? At least a Rainbow Dash one's coming up. Am I the only one who thinks
FLUTTERSHY, should get more episodes?
>Claim that this class needs more science.
@Suzahara: We'll compromise. YELLOW >:O
>Johhny: drink the red liquid
Chrono Z
January 18th, 2012
>Ask to go to the nurse
@Draven22: Sorry it doesn't amuse you. Maybe if you got off your fat ass and watched TV you'd be less bored.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: Lol. I don't care about being called a jerk by some kid.

I bet you do though~