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I was thinking what Carramae said! XD <3
Hohohoho! Hohoho! Hoho! Ho!

>W> (sorry.)

*A* Fuuuuu I love this comic so much. I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on in Kieran's life. I wonder if he was getting paid all those days he spent chasing Emma. >3>

Your astral bodies are so cute! XD
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;;;;A;;;;

D-don't give up, Raven! A little more stalking won't hurt!
;A; I DON'T. B-but, I hope she lives......?
*hopeful look with just a trace of doubt*
Uwaaah~! *///w///* Fuuuu I'm glad I stayed up so late XD <3

Dahahaha, his poor brain... oooh, I have got to hand it to Emma, she's sneaky. I love her ;w; (lolol she's total role model material, really.)

Happy New Year, gorgeous JigokuNeko!
(in the second panel.)

uuuh..... It's too sexy...
...*taps fist over heart*
Proud to be a creeper. "orz

He's nakey.

huhuhu. Sexy man. (He's the Prince, right?) *A*
You're good at bodies. o3o <3
I teared up.
;A; buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

;A; I haven't cried from a webcomic in... well, I just haven't. This was beautiful, well written and well drawn... Perfect.

That made me smile. o3o This is a beautiful gift. *A*
*le gasp*
The backstory behind Raven that most of his fans don't (and most likely don't want to) know!!
But now we know it. Ufufufu. yesssss cB<

oooh hellcat, you, you always make me gasp in anticipation of what happens next. I'm... I'm sorry I'm such a creepy fan. "orz
(it's only because your work is so fantastic!)
I love Raven's expression in the last panel! XD
Must be nice to own such expensive jeans. o3o
LOL, Magical Locket, Activate!!!

Ahaha. That was amazing. I really like the effect. *A*
...Is a bishounen going to come out of it? *//w//*
Uwahan, so cute~!!!

Evil princess is evil. 8D <3
Merry Christmas!
S-so cute!!!!

What a romantic scene~ <3
Fffft ahahaha but as to their relationship in the comic right now... >:D hohoho.
Anyways, Merry Christmas, gorgeous Jigokuneko!
Your comic is always the highlight of my weekend. :D

Will you marry me, please? ;///A///;

I love you. It's beautiful (;//△//;)ノ L-Leten... *blush* Th-thank you!!!
Thank you so much!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!
This one's beautiful!

I really like the hair... ;A; <3
That IS awesome (*A*)///
*wipes away drool*

S-smexy gift...
This is kind of late, but...
She's a thief!!!!
8D (But that's a good thing, because it progresses the plot. *thumbs up* )

I really like this! And I like your art style!
The narration seems really interesting so far! ♪♪♪

ALSO, This is kind of sad, but I can't seem to find the favorite button on this layout.
ahahahaha, of course she's playing at the WOW championships XDD

Aaah Your writing never fails to bring a smile to my face XDD <3