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I'm Potatoe and I love webcomics. I run the webcomics masterlist on The Slash Pile tumblr and I'm always on the lookout for new LGBTQ webcomics to add to it.

If anyone has English as a second language (or is just bad at grammar) and would like me to proofread their webcomic script, I would be happy to do it without any expectation of compensation. I enjoy editing and I'm a big fan of webcomics, so I'd loved the opportunity to help out anyone in need.
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"Very accurate. Good job."
I hope the police in this area are really bad at solving murders. Or are willing to believe that obliterating the creep's face was a reasonable act of self defence from a definitely very normal person.
Well, that's one problem solved... I guess...
I hope he doesn't hurt his knuckles too much on the dude's shattered face bones.
I kinda wonder if Kim didn't REALLY plan for this to go anywhere, he just wanted to prove he wasn't a bad kisser, dammit. Then Kylee was just like "yup I'm all for this let's go, take your pants off."
Do you ever post any of these to Tumblr? There are so many of them I wish I could reblog.
A new boyfriend for you, Avery. It can't possibly go worse than your previous romance attempts.
I like just the "no". You write him so well.
Pfft, you wish you didn't give a shit. You're killing yourself in an attempt to stop giving shits and it is not working.
I think it would be less confusing and disruptive to the story to finish it first.
I'm still getting caught up, but I really like this comic! Just wanted to let you know that this page appears to be the same as the previous one.
I'm so excited for each new page of this comic. I love it.
Just gonna boot you in the face into a new world.
At least this assault will be a bonding experience for them.
I hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself!
You did such a great job with this page! I'm so happy he's finally here.
This page is so pretty! You did an amazing job with it. Are we about to meet our second main character?