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I like video games, computer and my hobbie is making comics.
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    Dr. Octoganapus (just kidding)
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Hey guess what, some faggot named nyancat6650 ripped off my comic!
Yoope! New layout and late update! Sorry for a month long update, I promise to update more often. And I mean it this time, cuz I got the new layout and it's much easier to post backrounds into these panels so expect more updates.

Credit to G.B.A. for the layout.
@_Accel_the_hedgehog_: Are you sure you wanna do that, Accel? You left Diego & Authors because I was there.
Time for a campfire song. I WANT MY BANJO!!!!
FEW exceptions, I didn't say allot.
@Nocturnal-biatch: How id Mario and SOnic get into the same universe in the olympic games?

@Melvyn Lennard: uh, dude, I only have 2 comics. The rest are either co-author comics or one's I quit making.
Since I'm currently on hiatus for my other comics (curse you school) I decided to do an co-author comic where Yo and his friends go on adventure, chill at his house, and, well, ANYTHING! Fly or Fail?
Star. Xeno's looks to generic.
Ever since Rayman Origins came out, i've been thinking of concepts fro a character of mine, and finnaly, here it is. His name is Blitz. More info later on.
I don't seem to remember you asking to use my character. Right?
EDIT: Also, didn't G.B.A. say you guys kill me in the next chapter? If he did, I rejoin with a new character. (Not Yo since he's dead and not Yappy because he's in House of Yoshi)
Justice is blind.
Yo, I say this comic needs more Yo. Know what I'm sayin' Yo?
wtf? Weird but cool.
I'm crying tears of joy.
I thought Bluey was going to kick a frog's ass?
Anny: You won't believe what happend earlier. I was tempted by Marx, refused his offer and saw him shoop da whoop.