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Hardcore optimists don't just see the glass as half full, they see frowning as upside down smiling :)
They could take angst on anyday ;D
And most importantly, they know that eating to many chocolate biscuits is good for you!
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But watching is so fun OUO
So are your vampires immortal?
@alcnolien: More that it resembles a certain area of the human anatomy that people draw on the fogged up bus windows >_<
It's Matt dressed as Matt smith O.o
So Matt is not just a Cat Lady but an ALL-THINGS-CUTE Lady? :D he pulls it off well
Eskimo Kiss ^U^
Oh no no Todd, Matt's a LADY. there's a difference.
The mystery of the clean clothes- will it ever be solved?
Lol this page used to be filtered for me :L I had to hack my parents settings just to see the brilliant ending ^U^ well worth it!
Gah, 10th time readint his through xD it never stops being as funny as the last time! Your comic is so under appreciated :T So weird seeing it in colour xD
Honestly stan, you like Craig and THomas at the same time?! ._. the only possible happy ending for this is if they turn out to be the same person '^_^ but that's obviously impossible :L
Jimmy as the Doctor? *Mind Blown* *U*
mission impossible 5 now :) go Cat... something tells me it's not going to go according to plan though... xD
So yeah...
This comic is totally awesome..
Gosh eric :P
I agree with Riddlelace, usually I like uke L, but in this L Seme is so... :] fabulous
Lol no problem, thank you for giving me my new life source ;)
There is alot of shirtlessness in this page... :3 fufufu
Wonder if Alcy could give Todd a piggyback... :] veeerrrry classy Alcy ^.^
Omgosh that ring is so pretty :D Congratulations!!! Ahh so much happieness today ^.^
COngratulations ^.^ Pretty picture :D yay for fan servive >.<
Moar pages ^.^ Read through for the seventh time now O.o and once again when i reach the end I wail >.<