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hmm lets see... i love reading =] updates keep me happy<3 I'm generous, can almost draw and i stay up late role playing on Gaia. =]
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April 14th, 2012
Me gusta.
March 25th, 2012
@Confused: if you say soooooooo ;3
March 24th, 2012
dude... you mispelled Mister O-O
March 24th, 2012
I can make my face do that :'{D
Wow; this is very attention grabbing :D keep up the great work x3
July 28th, 2011
Okay. I'm hooked o-o this is just so damn interesting xD
... How did he lose his hand? O-O;
Of course he's not homosexual; he's Shuno-sexual xD
I wasn't gunna comment...
But there was just so much fluff I couldn't help myself<3
out of all the pages I read so far(all of them o-o) this one has got to be the sweetest so far >.<
it gave me a tingly feeling and everything! Keep up your good work x3
Omg the next button disappeared!
The suspense is Gunna kill me Dx
P.S. I love your art o-o it makes me as happy as... A kid with chocolate xD
Continue on wiff teh good works<3
i pat my own back for getting this far [/insert embarrassment here] Q-Q
had i been him; i'd be hiding/running right about then >.>;
-dies of laughter-
...Is he using sarcasm? o-o;
his face suggests sarcasm in the last panel xD
its only a fight if both people are yelling o.o;
March 18th, 2011
wow, its like the words have been taken straight from my mouth; i said those exact words to my boyfriends friend yesterday xD
I fully respect your rights as an author/artist; as should many others whom read this wonderful comic. :)

So, what does the old man have planned for those green dudes? xD
quick question; where did a fish and a bird happen to get a pack of playing cards from? xD
haha, you gotta love it when Lower intelligent acting characters aren't all that Unintelligent xD

He had us all fooled, didn't he? xD
I expect an airhead in the next update! D=< but you don't have to comply to my wish xD
February 27th, 2011
his... his glasses go bye-bye in the second panel! D=
i wish mine did that xD