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This is an account I used long ago in 2006. That's before the internet became homogenized trash and smartphones made everything just a little bit more normie. I stopped updating while I was still in high school and eventually deleted everything out of embarrassment. Similar damage was done to an old page of mine.

Using the Wayback Machine, I was fortunately able to recover the vast majority of my most popular comic, Sonic Team. According to the Wayback Machine, Sonic Team had 126 fans on January 3rd, 2009. This fact blows my mind today and I think a younger me took that for granted.

I ran two other comics, Sewer Rats and Extra Sprites. Both are, as far as I can tell, totally lost. That's a shame because Extra Sprites was my favorite and featured for the most part original sprite art by myself, outside of the main characters who were made using a Drshnaps Productions user's blank template.
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I haven't read this comic in a long time...
I'm just gonna start reading now and pretend I read the last XXX comics.

If their past is Megaman's future, and Megaman still isn't Quint, then Megaman stopped himself from becomming Quint.

So Quint doesn't exsist. So this timeline doesn't exsist.

So the comic will reset to page 1.
I did notice one panel that with alt text could look naughty, but I'm to lazy...
So instead, have an lol. On the house.
Good job!
No creepy perv things for me to point out! You might have messed something else up,but definately nothing sexual.


I need better humor.
I guess I'll be the creepy guy who critics on perv things.

It looks like she has a uniboob in panel two.
My eyes are bleeding.
Neither wins. The protiege is Proto-Man.
It's the little peice of him that makes him a him.
Cause' Omega wouldn't be useful.
Shadowagent 0
April 30th, 2007
Did her breast get bigger?
Not that I notice that kinda stuff.
He still rox hardcore.
That's a little out of character for the 2ES
Or green nacho cheese.
I refuse to laugh at a sad Saturday evening spoof of a saturday morning special.
Dare I say lol? Dare I?
Wac-a-Mole: For the good of rodentkind!