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I am too lazy to draw comics, but you can check out my art here
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haha der könig der löwis is echt geil xD

freut mich dass es weiter geht :)
yeah you're back :D
awesome page :) they are soooo sweet x3
YES <3

wow i totally love this comic <3

i can't wait for the next page (even if the last one was 5 month ago :S)
2nd panel <3
perfect xD
how sweet <3
September 13th, 2011
I love you craig xD
passt dann schreib ich deutsch ^^

die seite ist echt gefühlsvoll :3
ich bin schon gespannt von wem er redet~
I love the way you color your work :D

just one question: do you speak german? (I ask because of the Ü in your last name). It would be easier for me to comment if you do ^^
is it Ike? oO
well he shouldn't quit school :(
B!!!!!BBBBBBBB!!!!! ;)

but not THAT girlish xD
I LOVE~ Craig xD
ruby is sooooooo sweet >3<
is kenny blushing? how cute >3<
hehe, wendy is great in the last panel ;)

I can read everything, it's fine ^^
OMG they're all looking soooo cute (except cartmen (I don't like that character at all ;P))

Hippies... stan and wendy?
okay that makes sense ^^

ohhhhhh, I also think that this someone is a special one :3
"where is death when you need it?" xD
I love you Kenny <3

BTW: who is driving the car? I can't see a steering wheel
Stan is soooo cute when he's blushing X3