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Hi, I'm a typical online person. I'm nice to those who deserve it. I watch videos of cats. I watch low-quality movies. I love Pokemon. And I make this face when I listen to music :0

I'm a doodler, who is familiar with the ropes and the dopes of doodle websites. (You may know me as catwhohas14tails. Or c4tspajamas. Or Sarcatsic.) One of my all-time favorite websites is

Why am I here? Well to see awesome comics made by awesome people. Or even not-so-awesome people. I'm also here on a mission. A collaboration comic with my two roommates. This is my chance to prove I have an attention span longer than that of a fish.
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    Alyse G
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Trainer Puce
Dude, you inspire me to turn my trainer Puce into a comic xDDD

Tho she wants to be the very best before she turns 11, she's like the gamer who trash-talks everyone.

Doubt it'd be as epic as this, since she's the owner of the World's Happiest Charizard, but hey. Awesome comic, manette.