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I'm really more one for writing. I suck at drawing. I wish I could draw. I love cooking(particularly baking) Anything else you wanna know just email me I guess.
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Guess who's been a slacker??? Definitely me. I had tons of pages I had to catch up on XD I'm a terrible reader.
Especially loving the last panel on this page
Oh gosh have I been a slacker on reading or what?!
I haven't been on here in forever so I hade at least three or four pages to catch up on.
Love it so far.
At that point I'd probably scream like a four year old XD
That IS the best way to shut someone up lol.
Yeah that last panel does look like it was really hard but it looks amazing.
This does not suck
It always brightens my day when I read it.

Damn, I HATED getting shots there when I was little. They used to have to hold me down lol.
xD Flounder is just digging a deeper and deeper hole for poor Ariel
oh ho ho
And the clothes will start coming off soon.
Wha? Who is this mysterious fellow?
Perhaps he's a player. or an ex. oh I can't freakin wat for your next page!
Awesome ending.
Looking forward to a sequel
XD I fucking love this.
You have made my day so much better.

"Ruuuun, flying kitty!" I lol'd so hard at that I thought I was gonna bust a lung.
XD "was a big cow"
you have once again made my day
intersting. I love storyless things = )
XD this made me laugh so hard.
ily <3
I freakin love his mom. She makes me laugh whenever she's on.
Your update made me smile. I am completely addicted to this thing for life
December 18th, 2010
XD the "dead already?" comment made me smile. You comment always manages to make me feel better. I let out really loud squeals of happiness when I see updates
A *giggle* cow? *is totally laughing uncontrollably*

xD Dake looks cute with the whole face-fuzz thing. Makes him look more manly. ha ha
Tommy looks like an outlaw from like the 1800's or something excpet he isn't wearing a cowboy getup (totally just pictured tommy in chaps and a cowboy hat *nosebleed*)

I lovelovelove your comic. It just gets better and better.
XD I love Zippy's reply to the whole heat is no match for him. He'll cave in soon = )
Still love this comment. I squeed when I saw the update
(first comment)
Woohoo!!! I'm excited.
I'm Back and I'm happy to see an update.

I know what you mean. I always have an outline for ym fiction or original stories and then I always add one or two minor details that require me to alter my outlines.

I lovelovelovelove that last panel. It looks hard to draw but you did it really well.

I'm glad I can make you smile by just loving your work and waiting eagerly for more.

Yupp, some of the best one's I've read have damn good plots.
Dang, Its been forever since I've read this.

I'm all caught up now = ) yay.
Awwwww, killing kids makes me sad. Even if it is a little soldier kid.