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February 3rd, 2012
VIRGINITY~ FKDSagdfj <3 Love the style.
January 19th, 2012
Mixed feelings.
x.x I was actually hating her in the beginning and every time I looked at her and Kaito together my stomach would clench in that awful way. So I'm really glad she turned out to be someone nice, but it's still kind of pissing me off that Kaito is acting like he did nothing wrong. He ignored Shuno and neglected their relationship. You can have friends and a boyfriend at the same time. ;A; I'm still mad at Kaito and I still don't like Oasis very much, but I like her a little more than I did before. :I I still think Kaito deserves to be yelled at... Heh. :] You're an amazing writer. When you were first starting out, I told my friend about this comic and now we're both hooked. We're even talking about being Kaito and Shuno for next Halloween. <3 Thanks for writing an amazing comic for everyone to enjoy.
Urrrrgh! Update! I get so excited lmao. <0> I love love love the comic. Your art is fecking amazing. >O> ~is so jealous~
Amazing Art!
I love your style! Update update update! <o>
*drools some more*
hurr hurr.... So hot all of them.
Only one word. Yummy. c:
*thumbs up*
omg i am laughing so hard! this is great! keep up the good work!
"You are the cream to my coffee baby" lmfao! I keep on laughing. Oh and.. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!! I want more.

P.S He's Hot!
December 7th, 2010
More More More More!!! You are an amazing artist. I just started reading this comic and I'm already in love. :3 they are both deliciously yummy. c: Keep going and get in some updates! Lol.