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I live in the chair in front of my computer.
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I just discovered that you returned from hiatus on my annual re-reading of 1000! I hope you haven't disappeared again. I really like the new drawing style!
Somewhat early april fools?
My teachers would tell us to stop if we did stuff like that for them. :|
And if you mention not to say "What could go wrong?", things will go even worse. :P
Hey, its the dog from Sushi Gummi.
Someone was gonna bring this up sooner or later, so I'll bring it up now.

Male Enhancement spam emails. :P
December 21st, 2010
Punched face looks awesome.
The Oregon Trail game... I remember that. I always died of snakes. X_X
December 3rd, 2010
So will the bext hundred all be home/urban based questions?
I cannot help but laugh every time I see Gary with that outfit. He just looks so... It's something I can barely explain.
If you get past 1000, you should consider renaming this comic "Ovar 9000"
Good to hear, I've thought a long time about starting a comic sorta like this. I'll ask my friends about it tomorrow.
How do people react when they find out that they're in a webcomic with several viewers?
Gary might make an accidental robotic turkey. *crosses fingers*
November 18th, 2010
Duck owner gets a lot of dates. OR IS THE DATE FOR THE DUCK? The world may never know.
Hooray for somewhat plot.
Answer cow: North east Brazil. Owner: :|
This is from the "Notes" comic, right?
Every single one of these comics needs to be a shirt. I would buy almost all of them.