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I obsess over:
Romantic comedies
Cirque Du Soleil
Ideas for my comic
Long walks in the park
and eating your soulz. Omnomnom!

I hate:
Obnoxious people
Giving speaches
Stupid people(It's not my fault they can't comprehend 5th grade words!)
People with egos
And one liners that make no sense. Let's face it people, some of them suck! XD
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    Hannah Christine
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March 24th, 2013
Aw, now I feel kinda bad for Yuki. He's always ha Tomo as his best interest and favorite. >w<
I bet the in the next few pages, Zoshi's gonna just pop out of nowhere. =w=
Siiiiigh, if only men were really like Kenneth...
New page! *yoinked!*
I am dying to see where this comic goes from here!
Naoto's face! DB So cute! I wanna know what that pet is! It's been bugging me since he unfossilized the egg! >w<
To be honest, I like the font. I can't stand when an artist goes overboard with tons of fonts.
I really like this comic, so far, by the way. Keep up the great work!
Necklace's line: "Claimed. Sucks for you."
I kind of am starting to feel bad for Julien. I mean, there has to be a good reason, right...?
My favorite couple in awhile~! <3 I love these two together. So sweet! >.<
I have the same birthday as Kristen.... O.o'
@Taseli: I second that. Or, it could be the start to the next chapter, which I'd prefer to be the case over him being a jerk to her. =/
Thought from several pages ago...
To be honest, I'm hoping Kenneth is a vampire hunter... >.>
Did you like the fire prince? No? Then keep running. =.=
HAHAHA! X'D That's hilarious! I can't wait for more updates!
Will he get some!?! He shoots....
two ways...
This can end in her running into his arms, or exploding at him, and causing all of our hearts to ache until they make up. >.<
Told ya
=.= She should have ran. And wow... those thoughts... O.o They make me sad, but at the same time, she had every right to think that about her mother, and in a sick way, her sister. D'=
Bitch gonna get cut/bitten~. >.>
Hehehe, Kes... You'll never escape, thanks to the fandom. >=3