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i love anithing whit: yaoi BL furry shojo shonen anime manga comic marvelstyle love stories drama kittens and doggys .

i am a fan of cute boys and i really really love to make friends ^^ so if u want we can be friends you know X3...
lol i know i dont know who is who is reading this so... i dont care wana be fiends? (lol) i love anime manga stuff soul eater and i hope you like mi comic(s)
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    tiler keneddy
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December 4th, 2010
im shure he is cool =3 have the same name of one of mi characters
December 4th, 2010
oooh suggoiii!! i love the story!!!
omg this look like helsuing!! EPIIIIC EPICCCC!!!!
good manga buddy you have an awesome art style.
*nasal bleed* yeh.. it.. its good ..*nasal masive bleed* okay its awesome.
what are you saying!! ther isn't any error is just .. perfect =w= you are my new idol
OMG!!!! SO KAWAI!!!! i need to hug him.. really i need to!
omg they kisss. awesome but i need to know why!!!(?)
i have only one thing to say.. so cute n' sexy...
awwww!!!! !!! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!
September 24th, 2010
OH MI GOD!!! I NEED TO HUG HIM so kawai so so kawai so kawai ne!!!!!
mi god.. i love your style is awesome!!!
i need ANOTHER ONE!!!!!
cool jajaja awesome comic ^^ i love the 2d game style
September 21st, 2010
awesome! really really awesome .