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I confess I'm a noob at making webcomics (right now)& I hope to learn more things on this site

I am a full-time student and rather than the regular school work and studies, I love to draw, read manga and play games. (But I still have to complete my tasks T_T)

Kay.. so... I am no superhero? lol

My other home:
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    Anchisa Funchien
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One page per day of upload for now until I scan more
Where else
He could be in the toilet
New Page
After so long, here's another page

I'm not promising it'll be weekly updates but I'll try update more regularly when I can
Next Page
Commander Thright
What kind of name is "Thright"?? One of the first words came into my head :)
In the sentry base
Is normal
It has begun
Lynell have fans!! (dA) and so here's him to start off the next chapter!
Cover page
New cover for new chapter!
Here is Tarin! Sorry this took so long

End of Chapter 1
Oh hai

And that concludes chapter 1

Next chapter will be on after my exams in around 3 weeks!
May have some art to pass the time ^^

Thought you were busted! Phew~
Sorry late
Senior Keeper
I was gonna redo this page but I was like meh, it'll do
Hide >:D
Twitch Giveaway
Im in love with Cake Girl now, what a psycho! XD
Keeper's Storage Room
For magic ingredients and herbs that is
An element of harmony :D
Nihla's offer
"I'm not a very good person", he says
Awkward meeting
A Hunter and a Keeper :)
New Page
Sorry bit late