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Quiet gamer who stays indoors. Love making sprite comics and playing video games.
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    Michael Eddie Thompson
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@Tojin666: yes, completely!
just caught up after starting this comic about 5-10 minutes ago. you have a new reader.
happy birthday from a silent reader
November 17th, 2014
just started reading this comic and already loving it.
No problem, also long time reading, first time commenting. Anyway, your comic is really amazing, and I have loved the series for awhile(cause of my love for dragons)and would love to see more.
can someone link me to this comic? i have no idea what it is.
@Faydflowright: I can wait, it'll give me the time needed to prepare everything and get the right sprites or make them myself.
@Faydflowright: news folder? I've never seen that before. o.o
so, how do I join in? Honestly, I've always loved Team Rocket over the other groups anyway. Team Rocket knew how to rule the world.
@Faydflowright: actually, I've been working on my own game slowly. lol
How about we work together to try to make a game version of this. Still would love to read it however as a comic. XD
so far I see an excilent rom in the making. ^^ ignore my bad spelling. lol
Typo on the first panel. lol
You said tea, not team. Unless you are making a cup of tea with everyone, which is weird.
So far I enjoy the art style, although the words are a bit hard to read. I can't wait to see how this progresses.
You know,reading your comic reminds me a lot of my love life. lol
You sound a lot like my girlfriend. Cats, gamer, geek, and with a wonderful Geek as well.
I am so confused with this comic. Not a lot of what I read made sense. I hope you don't think this is a bad comment. I really do plan on reading more as they come, I'm just so confused.
Just fave to read more! And got so caught up in reading, couldn't say this back on the right page. Dat ass!
That mask is the same mask that one masked guy wore when he attacked him!
Look at how much he is sweating, I doubt its from the heat too. My guess is he stole it and a Fair is going to kill him and the future owner for taking it. I just know it.