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They're all so good, but I'd go for 1 or 3
I'm so glad things are looking up!
Congratulations on getting out of a dark place. So good to have you back.
We missed you!
I hope things continue to keep looking up.
gosh, this is such a cute way to celebrate!~

So glad you're back!
You were missed!
I'm really glad that you came back! I've wanted to know Emer's story for a while! Haha~

Welcome back and I hope things don't get too hectic for you again~
I do believe in diagonal cats do! I do! I do!
Don't worry! I'm 5'4 too~
The best of us are xD
Bippity Boppity Boo!
definitely 5 or 6
it's really adorable~
middle one or the last one
three or four~
I like the last two best

She's always been my favourite. She's such an awesome character.
5th panel, Kes looks absolutely beautiful!
And that's how Martin handles things. LIKE A BOSS!
I'm sorry that you've felt this way, but thank you so much for finishing. It's really great that even though you've lost the fun of drawing Heard, you still feel the need to finish it for us.

All lot of people don't think like that. It's refreshing to see someone so dedicated to the readers.

I absolutely love your art style. ♥