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Star Seraph
Online I normally go by Cherub.
I'm an avid comic, manga and fanfic reader
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non patreon content would be wicked sweet, especially for those who can't afford to be a patron. Maybe consider the way you do it for updated pages? Showing the artwork (not all artwork i'd assume-leave something for the patrons lol) after you've uploaded it to patreon then a few days later, uploading it here as well? I know I love seeing more than just comic pages from the artists I follow ^^

But of course, it is also up to your discretion, as it is your time and energy and your comic.
They're all so good, but I'd go for 1 or 3
I'm so glad things are looking up!
Congratulations on getting out of a dark place. So good to have you back.
We missed you!
I hope things continue to keep looking up.
gosh, this is such a cute way to celebrate!~

So glad you're back!
You were missed!
I'm really glad that you came back! I've wanted to know Emer's story for a while! Haha~

Welcome back and I hope things don't get too hectic for you again~
I do believe in diagonal cats do! I do! I do!
Don't worry! I'm 5'4 too~
The best of us are xD
Bippity Boppity Boo!
definitely 5 or 6
it's really adorable~
middle one or the last one
three or four~
I like the last two best

She's always been my favourite. She's such an awesome character.
5th panel, Kes looks absolutely beautiful!
And that's how Martin handles things. LIKE A BOSS!