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Ahhh, finally caught myself up! This is such a great story, I cant wait for the next page!
Shuddup, Johnny-boy! Scary lady gon' keel you!! D:
Wow, Suicune looks absolutely stunning in this picture. There's a lovely mythical feel to the whole thing. I can't wait for the next chapter.
.... Yeah, I'd want someone else to come kill it for me too XD
Jeremy is just too sweet! And the artwork here is gorgeous!
Navarro used Ninja Chop!

It's super effective!
I love the look of Mightyena's eyes when he ordered Char to blind him. "Wait, WHUT?"

..... And to tell you the truth, I thought that was purple gas at first. I was like "Oh. My. Gosh. Char just farted! SO THATS HOW HE BLINDS HIM!!! :D "

But no such luck XD
Wow, the first Rocket villain I've seen in a while to NOT play by the rules XD
Today's special: Deep fried Haunter, served medium-rare with a side of pwnage.
PFFF, that Little Mermaid reference was genius XD
Tch, a face like that would make me flinch too XD
Last Panel: Epic pouty face! :D
When all else fails.....

Pfffft! XD
Well.... When stalked, call Haruka, I suppose XD
I've just caught up with your comic, and I gotta say, I'm super impressed! Can't wait for more!
Hooray, you've returned!!! :D

Oh geez, poor Vinny has no idea what to do XD
Oh yay! I knew he couldn't resist for long! XD
D'awwwwwwwww Helios wants to see Chibi-usa! <3
Oh snap
Enter the Lizzinator~! :D
It's so pretty and official looking!