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;D no belly button~ but still hot thumbs up bro ^_^ love this comic btw <3
holy fuck!
OoO thats why in his previous dream he saw two kuros instad of one >83 Im loving this
@angelperez: TwT rp with meeeeeee I havent yaoi rped in a while~~~~~~ and youz awesome so Awesome + Yaoi = Epic Rp 83 yes no maybe?~ lol ^_^
X__X its probably going to be another clif hanger page and it wont show the real Kuro for another page or so T^T ebilness if thats not the case 8O BRING IT ON *puts pimp shades on* Im ready
*Le gasp*
er..... Lady boner TwT I dont like lady boners X__X but at the same time I HAVE TO GIVE IN!
Gotta love shy uke Kaito <3 Hey angel ;D ya like my avatar~?
Man I haven't been reading for a while TwT missed this and to hear that you were depressed I'm sad I wasn't here to try and cheer you up T^T I'm not very good at giving advice and cheering people up not have the whole story to try but I really do hope you feel better soon :) your an amazing person and an awesome artist and I loverz you just like most of your fans :3 Your the best and I really do hope you feel better soon and I don't just say it cause I'm addicted to kaitoshuno(which I am) or cause I'm a fan, I say it cause I care for you and as a friend.
I love your comic and I love it even more because Ive studied this in school almost every year they teach the same thing and I always asked "How will I use this in the outside world" and now I know :3 my teachers musta been yo fans :P lol (even though the comic isnt that old XD)
Mikkal: Oh, Are we? yay :D *clap* ^u^
Loved it XD
8'D help meh?
Angel >.> I was wondering if you could (maybe on deviant art) give some tips on how to draw characters facing to the side (← either way →)because as much as I try I cant seem to get it right T^T

very hawt page btw KAITOSHUNO FOREVA!! 8D
@angelperez: "Novelas".... always so damn dramtic XD I should know... I live in mexico and all I get are those shows XD
@squid14: because she can MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >:D
Hell yeah
I love when the plot takes an interesting turn that no one in their fucking right mind would expect >:) THAT my friends is why I read this >8D WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this shit just got real bitch *gets shot* X___X
CHAPTER 51! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
hi :)
Can you tell me what size you use on the pages? cause im my comic I usualy make them either to small or too big and I cant get the right size :( can you help me out?
WOOOOOO 50 CHAPTERS CONGRATS!!!! IVE BEEN WITH YOU SINCE THE BEGINING!.... Almost probably since the 14th chapter ^^' >.> BUT STILL WOW! AMAZING! AWESOME! and now im exagerating.... >.> I should just shut it now ^^ KAITOXSHUNO 4 EVER! ok im done ^^ XD
Look up look up! ↑↑↑↑
Same as Xrs! 8D ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑
Its alive! ITS ALIVE!!! MUAHAHAHA *cough* ... sorry >.>
Shunos eyes are red >w< whaa so cute
D: Oh nuuz!
Wow... talk about bad answering time D: poor shunoki >.<