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I love manga, especially Eyeshield 21!!!
And I hate twilight, My name is from the song Twilight by The Raveonettes. Really good song, check it out. Another good song is Flip Fantasia by Cantaloupe (sp?)
I love Slash, bl, yaoi, shounen-ai, whatever you wanna call it. Give it to me any day over het!
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Aw, that's it? :( sadness.
Still loved it though, it was so cute!
Also, awwwww. He's so cute and innocent. And a kitteh!
April 15th, 2011
Yes, Vesper, Death is rather nasty, isn't it? He's very handsome. And he has cool eyes. I'm kind of jealous of her.
Keep up te good work!
Ass!!! Yummy ass, too.
Don't worry m'dear, all the good ones always come prepared.
March 26th, 2011
Wow, those are some incredibly sharp shoulders! Loving it so far!
Wow, so professional looking! Really good!
Wow! So good! Your art style is so good and professional! I was really amazed when I first saw thia comic, I thought that it belonged on store shelves. Please continue with it so we can read it before you realize how good it is and we have to pay :)
Love the way you made their hair-really well done. Love the comic so far!
Amazing reviews of the shittiest comics i've ever seen. I love the comments you make on them.
Excited pose.....NOW!
I loved the last panel, especially Alex and Jura. I can really see you art is improving, and greatly. Btw,where the heck did Soki come from? He just kind of-appeared. It would have been cool to see them try to turn Swen gay, but I think them trying to have Jura seduce him will be even funnier.