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like dbz,bleach,sonic,drawing,writing my story and swimming

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Awesome ending, I think you should do more small tournaments :) I've read slowly from 2012 and I think this is one of the most amazing things on Smack Jeeves
I'm hoping to be around for a while now, when i get back into the flow of things I'll get a system going but for now the updates will be a bit random!
Proud to be a fan sad to see it go
This is really cool i can't wait for the rest of it!
each issue gets us closer to the end :(
HA sonic almost got PWNED
Well im sad to see this go i've really enjoyed reading this eventhough ive read the entire thing this is the first time i've commented which is sad... I'll miss this comic...
okay when my lap top is fixed i will have the comic running again in the mean time i will try to do it on the comp but you see its kind of difficult on the comp
Today is the day i make my return... now i apologize if the page isnt amazing but i had to save it as a diffrent format and im a bit rusty but i'll get good again mark my words :D
1)nice name :D
2) thanks for the comments you know the charecters :D the comic should SHOULD be starting again soon i hope
there are certain plots regarding it but it all depends on weather or not i can get my internet running properly again :)
So all the chaotix are real but once again if you don't read Archie comics you wont know ray the squirrel and mighty the armadillo and for Nazo i cant be bothered explaining so next time ill give some links :)
And thats what happens when you irritate Shadow enough for him to turn around and kick your ass
This page
Isn't really a fight the actual battle should come next time!
p.s. I hope people are enjoying it so far!
This page
I'm not fond of this page the layout was all wrong but oh well...
@Felix Wind: Thanks again
At the minute there coming fast coz I'm just starting up soon its going to slow down and get some sort of system to it but thanks!
Ok so I think thats all the sprite sheets I've used so far covered
Ok the next issue will have the credits on
Big lazer
@Felix Wind
Thank you for your comment I'll work on what you said I'm just not so good at speech bubbles and stuff but thank you very much