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Good Day. I am Jay. I am a kickass forum designer and administrator, and also enjoy making comics. On my comics, please do not comment on how I don't resize sprites. I have a system called 'KolourPaint', abd unless you know how to fix the blurriness that comes with resizing, please don't talk of it.

I do accept a lot of invites, for a do enjoy to be in comics. I mainly am working on Mega Man comics at the moment though, so that is why you may have seen me drop out of a lot of comics I was previously in, as well as deleted some previous ones.

If you want to use any of my sprites, or just say hi, feel free to PM me. I am not a troll, nor do I think of myself as mean (Well, sometimes I could use a bit of 'trolololol'ing' :3)

So thank you for visiting my profile. Feel free to check some of my comics, and maybe cameo in some that need cameos :D

NOTICE:The comic 'Metal Man Unleashed' is officially delayed. The website where the Super Metal Man sprites were is down, and therefore, I must make new ones, or find some more. Thank you for your patience. ^^
Well, they can't be too old with Commando man parts there .3. I mean, I couldn't even find an actual sprite sheet of him until a month or so ago.
@Alienoid-I know, but the fact that he only made the still pose makes me think it was copied and pasted. Usually sprite sheets do only offer the still pose for each power

I mean, I don't know if he copied and pasted, and it wouldn't matter if he didn't post it as his own.
Wait, if it is a copy and paste, doesn't that make it....stolen? >w<;
Evul Tamantha is eeevvvuuulll >.<;
@RG-I'll keep that in mind :)

@AG-I tried that, but seemed to fail miserably. D:
I finished Mega Man (will edit the old comic to show you) and now I'm starting Proto Man.

Though, I do not have any fatalities. Actually, anyone that requests some will be considered :)
He is really shiny. Should a fighter robot be that polished? ._.

There is a random white spot on his hand
It is the bubble of super mega ultra Bubble Man X
I just added a kicking and hurt sprite, as well as some bonus things.
>Start singing 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson, in hopes that a hoard of zombies may come to your aid.
Well, that isn't really an offense. You need a small weapon for it to be a formidable opponent to Mr. Mega .3.

Nice job here, btw. ^^
You need to stop godmodding, man D:
Oh, shush D:< You were once I recolor with worse skills, I do recall.
I agree with typholeon. You should have put more effort into the backstory instead of breeding the most famous Sonic couple and giving in 2 more second grade level sentences his power and personality.

Oh, wow, am I ranting again? .3. Myyyy baaaad.
Ha, nice job. I can see how you'd have trouble with that leg. XD
Well, it has him raising his fists with an evil face. Honestly, I don't see how I could make a kid robot look any more threatening. ._. Though, I'll see what I can do.
@Metal-It is his true colors

@RG-He was inspired off of Smoke. I've been playing too much MK over my friends house. o3o;
No, i said I was fixing it. Never said i edited .3.

Well, it is edited now.
I didn't even edit the comic ._.

EDIT:Now I did ^^