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I like to write storties, I love reading
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I will still follow your other works, I'm glad that you shared your version of Bleach with fans of Bleach.
How much is for one mug because I just want the Hades mug :3
I love this page it's really good
Woot you're back :3
I love this story and I have a question what did you use to create your manga :3 I wanna know cuz I wanna make a manga of my own.
Hey there do you have any tips for a noob comic maker who can't draw.
Noob Comic Marker
Yo I love F.S. but can you help me out by giving me some tips on how to make a comic because I really want to make a story on a book I'm writing and but I want see how it is to other people when it's in manga format but :( I can't draw.
I love this comic
I love this comic you should really get it published :3 plus how did you get so good at drawing manga online.
September 26th, 2010
I love it so far.
September 23rd, 2010
I love it :D
I love the story so far it's pure epicness keep it up bud :3