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I didn't know anyone actually looked forward to reading my poo comic.

In that case, I'll have to start updating now. >:D

Thank you for your inspiration!
I sing this song all the time.

This song has been referenced in a comic.

I am thus, now, a fan of that comic.
I'm not gonna lie..
If I saw a coffee commercial like that, I would immediately turn off the TV and, in whatever clothes I may or may not be wearing, I would walk outside and buy a can right away.
I disagree with Officerjenny. I use "I've" as a possessive conjugation all the time. I think it really depends on whether you speak American or British English, and what part of either of the countries you come from, whether you're studying from older vs. newer english, etc..
Punching with your thumb enclosed..
.. is an easy way to break your thumb! O_o
Registration on Denofangels is invitation-only. TwT
5 STARS! 5!!!

You're name is always Mugen
Plus, that joke is within too small of a circle, of COURSE I knew it was you! x3

But, this manga hasn't updated in a LONG time. Maybe I'll start to work on it again...
You're so talented to make such small, beautiful clothes! Really great job~!

Did you use pink velcro to close the costume in the front?
So terrible!!
It's a good thing no one was hurt!
Oh wow! Small internet!
I didn't know it before now, but I already also follow you on Deviantart..!
The Ladybird
It's in the first panel, to the far right, on the bigger stone.

Now, where's my damned star?

>: 3
Rough sketches of headmaster Dumbledore from the process. He's pictured with his totem flower, the Iris, which stands for faith, hope, wisdom, and valor (and the Iris's secret messages include "I Have a Message for You" and "Your Friendship Means So Much to Me").
Here we go!
I Love You, Four Seasons, comic is finally launched! I hope this story can warm your hearts, and that you like it a lot! Happy Reading!
Darn it
Of course, the updates stop right when it was getting to the best part... D :

I like your story a lot! I just now got to read it from page 1 to the present all in one go! >: D
Relax, guys. Immortals can't die.
shiiiiiiit, son!
I've always loved the concept of feudal japan + hip hop style! And in fact, I've also developed a side character who emulates this style for one of my own webcomics. Just wanted to say, great premise for a comic! I really anticipate reading your work, and I'd like to congradulate you on exploring a subculture that is so often overlooked. Great artistic technique, too, btw~!
Thank you!
I'm so glad, thank you! He's really supposed to be. ^_^
T_T Thank you so much!