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I like manga. And webcomics. And I really need to go do my homework now.
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Aww, Ganon's adorable in that oversized cloak.
Oh noooooo D:
Of course you shouldn't do it if you don't like it.
But I did ;~;
Walk away slowly, don't make eye contact...
Wait, since when has Luffinpuff's name been Llewellyn?
@Guest: It's just an emote.
> = squinty right eye
w = cute (apparently) mouth
< = squinty left eye
Add them together and you get >w<
I love how she apologizes to the guy who was molesting her a few seconds ago.

Yes. Just yes.
Karaoke-singing Tanuki. If they don't have those when (or rather, if) I go to Japan, I'm going to feel let down.

Also yeeeeeessss yokai
Man, sometimes I wish I was a Sorrow. It would be so cool to be a human Pokémon!

Then I remember that they die horrible deaths and don't want to be one anymore.
Metapod has just been added to my List of Normally Useless Pokémon I'm Going to Grind to Lv. 100 and Beat Other Trainers With While Laughing My Head Off, along with Rattata and Magikarp.
Yeah...that's a "special" Metapod all right.
I'd play that game.
Or rather, I'd get my friend to play that game.
I bet Dragonthing is gonna stick its tail in its face
What has been seeeeeeen

(Also the Blob would totally win)
Wait...they can't have Levitate as an ability? That...would explain so much...and yet so little...
Why?! Why must you hang up as soon as I talk to someone because I didn't notice you ringing until it was too late?! For that matter, why do you only ring when I'm about to go to a different area?!?
*is excited about new page she hadn't previously noticed*
April 15th, 2011
Because that is one epic mech. That is how.
Can't you just imagine the cliché "Your costume could be better" moment right now?