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I want to punch her in the face
I like where this arc is going. I can't wait to know more of Charlie's past
I hope there's a kiss x3
@Lesbian Comics: This has happened to me too! this guy at college likes me, and my friends were cheering for him and tod him he had a chance (cuz I'm bi), but I started dating my current girlfriend at the time, and I feel kinda bad for the guy because hi is a goodboy, not a jerk like most of my classmates.
This is even funnier because yesterday something similar happened x)
I mean, I have kissed and made out, but doing it with a new person makes kinda of shy about it.
Liam, curiosity killed the cat x)
I love all the drama you are giving us, but I don't want Charlie to hurt T-T
I'm crying over here, this was the best comic I've been reading, really.
But, c'est la vie, and I still look foward to read something from any of you :)
Well, it actually shouldn't be a big deal having short or long hair, and pixie hair is indeed really cute x3
But, before you do it, ask at least two hair stylists if they think it would suit you, because of face structure and all that. I'm just talking from expirience, once I cut it short, but something like shoulder lenght; I looked like a boy :/ it didn't suit my face at all. So, before you do it, try to ask for a profesional opinion.
Good luck with it :D
Now I know how to get back at my mom. Thank you.
Oh, Thank you!!!
I am bisexual and I really hate when people think that way, or think we bisexuals need to date a boy and a girl at the same time. We are normal persons, we fall in love, wheter we cheat or not doesn't have todo do with our sexual orientation.
I mean I have dated girls and I have never cheated on them; but I was cheated on by a ex bisexual girlfriend, but it was with another girl.
lol, I used to do this all the time too!
I had 2 kens, but normally most of my barbies would date each other and move together to the malibu house and live one Ken alone, and he would start deating the other Ken xD It was hilarious
I just love it :)
Litte red Riding Hood :D