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I like drawing comics about real life situations with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. Even dragons get their cars towed.
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Take that bomb and run, Chang!
Here's your reason as to why Kim just didn't tear the place down. Luckily, Kirin and their body parts are allergic to blood.
Crazy birds and their crazy plans. Meet Yu-Mao, the antagonist of this issue. He's an old phoenix with a chip on his shoulder and a burning hatred for dragonkind. Why? Well that's for another page. ;)

NB: Wansui=You of Ten Thousand Years. In the case of a phoenix it might be closer to the truth than it is in humans.
My sister tends to be very lackadaisical about gaming, if she dies or loses a level she doesn't get all bent out of shape about it. (Except for that one mission in San Andreas where all you had to do was follow the goddamn train CJ!) Whereas I'm a neurotic person (griffin) so if I die all hell breaks loose.
The first time I cursed was when I was playing Pokemon Stadium 2.
In Semi-Charmed Lore the World Turtles, one of the four great celestial beasts of Chinese mythology, were hunted to extinction by the Neolithic people's of China. Life isn't good for you when you move slow and have a shell that makes a GREAT house. Their bones and organs were also used for medicine and oracle readings. So yeah, they are extinct.
@killie: Cloud horse you mean? Heh-heh, actually kinda. There's a subspecies of Kirin known as Cloud Walker Kirin, who have the ability to fly, as in Chinese and Japanese legend. In another arc of the comic I'll cover more of that.

Rainbows aren't as gay as you think, as you're about to see. ;)
Hey! Listen! Streams!
Hey! You can watch this being drawn here:
That bird is an asshole
Like all Neurotic Griffin comics, this actually happened. I love Archer.
Birds for fuckin' days
Do you like how I had to split the top panel so Weng here could transform? Layouts can be a bitch sometimes. Anyway, by next Christmas everything will be explained. That's a joke, because I never upload shit.

Why are you still here, with me and my terrible sense of humor? Go click that banner thing at the top of the screen and vote for this insanity.
I have nothing to say.
It's a cure several million years in the making. Because, you know, Kim's essentially gobbling down sticks of ancient fossilized plankton.
Huh, who on Earth would have a Qing-era photo of a loved one? And where did that feather come from?
Je Suis Charlie
As a cartoonist with a big mouth and even bigger ideas, I cannot help but feel immense pain for what happened in France.

The Tarrasque weeps this day.
In memoriam
I love the NYPD, and have the utmost respect for them. Since Semi-Charmed is set in NY, it was only fitting that I draw the dragons and white deer in the force paying their tributes.
I have no comment, only that life prevented me from finishing this for a while.
Yeah there's no excuse for how late this is.
Of photography or whatever
I'm scanning a metric ton of photos for a family member/client and the scanner I use comes with a special frame to put negatives in so they can be scanned and turned into digital photos. But these negatives were too large to fit in the frame and the scanner won't scan them without it. OH WELL, I'm sure they're the same as the prints they were with.
Me and my cheetah!sister's take on the Oscars.

Someone tell me how Gravity took best soundtrack because if I recall there was very little music in that movie. And did you see Benny photo bombing everyone?! That was the BEST.

But really this spawned from me wanting to draw griffin!me with flailing Muppet arms.