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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
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January 25th, 2011
Although this isn't answering the question, I read somewhere that the guy who made up the board originally drew it on his tablecloth.
bawwww it's over ; 3; but I loved the story! I'm so glad you shared it with us! <3

btw, your art is awesome, I hope if I read over and over again your skills will rub off on me. ; o;
psh, this is adorable. this pairing is just freaking adorable. (ev's glasses! :'D)

also, I decided to look up the age of consent laws in New Mexico since a life I do not have, and I found that they are much more lax than my state. 13 years old? It's not a felony if it's consensual! *mind blown* but, way to be safe, greg. and it's only two months~
I read this on my birthday! :'D thank you jenny haniver for making this day betterr~

I love the first panel, js. and greg, lol, you pedo.
fff the minute i opened this page sex music started, just fyi
even itunes agrees with this comic

anyways, this pairing and this page are both just love.
Happy New Year! <3 <3
its' been a while since I've read JH and
oh my goooood
fff this page I love it

A-August? That's a mighty impressive queue you've got there, ma'am. o 3o
Barry and Henry... :< so sad. Drugs are no fun, man.

*tries really hard not to compliment Barry's tattoos*
Henry, I like your arm tat. :D I swear, every time I comment, it's about someone's tattoos. I JUST LIKE TATTOOS OK? >>

but Jordan /is/ cute! Especially when he's confused.

yeah I have a headache too we can be headache twins!
barry, you cad. I like your tats. And your insults. :<

I didn't comment on the last page. What kind of fan am I? *slaps self with fish* Oh yeah, I'm loving your novel pimping, continue on with that. I will probably order them (actually my parents will, Christmas and all lol) so... YEAH I REALLY WANT TO READ IT. SO BADDD.

and also, why haven't I made you fanartz yet? I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON ; 3;
try as I might I simply cannot hate anyone in this comic. YOU INCLUDED, HENRY, even though you're an ass. and jordan looks so adorable in the last panel.

o-of course I read the bios! I love them, your characters are so colorful! ; 3;
I like this page, yesss. c: I love Uriah, mainly because he is a Pink Floyd fan, like me. (yeah, reading bios ftw) but for real, I liked him when he first showed up. He has adorable lip piercings. <3

and GO GO GO! Finish your novel! I believe in you! :D
oh yeah i get to comment on another page so soon. woot woot!

i never doubt the kamina shades, donchaknow. Har is just THAT AWESOME. *ding*

DUED YOU SHOULD ADD ME TOO but like I couldn't find you based on your username and I am the world's worst stalker. D: but yes my avatar is payback for making me giggle-snort at like half of the title pages. my mom was like "wtf, man" so many times.

my money's on a tattoo of robot pedo bear. OH YEAH, HARRISON WILL GET ALL THE LADIEZ. AND BY LADIEZ, I MEAN YOUNG BOIS.
okaaay this might be kind of long-winded, but whatevers.

SO I found your comic a couple weeks back and I was like, "cool beans, man, this shit is right up by alley." but I was also doing National Novel Writing Month at the same time, so I decided to do both at the same time (read and write) so I would read a couple of pages in between writing, like, seven paragraphs. And finally, two weeks later, I get to the end of seven hundred fiftysomething pages and I ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF IT :'D also, in case you were wondering, I finished my novel. So YAY

tl;dr: I love this comic and it took me a while to read but it's made my week. So yah. Expect someone to comment on, like, all your new pages now, man, because this was enjoyable. :D jenny haniver ftw!

not really a comment for this page, but I haven't had time to watch gurren lagann. :c but ilu harrison and jordan.
oh my god
L's been doing acid
Strangely enough, I was talking to my dad about this the other day. We both didn't know, so I guess we're in the same boat as Question Duck.
And also, as always, I love the coloring on this.
:'D oh this page. It made my day, thank you.
I noticed. Oh ho ho ho~
September 28th, 2010
@Fu: I imagine she did, in France it was fashionable at the time to shave off your eyebrows, though. And so.