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I like to make comics and never seem to finish them... I'm always looking and dreaming of a new comic, yet it's wise for me to just not even bother. If you enjoy my comic(s) then I will be most pleased.

If you want to learn more about me you can PM or something else, I dunno. xD
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His eye in the second frame is so HUGE! ><;; Sorry but after two years with no updates I guess we can't be too picky. xD Most of this was done two years ago however I just picked it up again and finished this today. So I hope if anyone is still watching this comic you enjoy it. xD;
This may be a random line in the comic but here's where that line came from incase you were curious...

Let's get some shoes...

And the super Jesus idea bit comes from a funny drawing I saw on Sheezy one day I'll give you a link to the person with the original idea here;
February 23rd, 2007
I cannot make straight pannels to save my life! If you haven't noticed this by reading my comic yet... ^^;;;

Anyways! I really enjoyed and anticipated drawing out this page. It may not be the most detail oriented page but the reactions and dialog were what I was enjoying the most. xD

I'll bet she's an alien, she's too weird. xD
That teach is so funny. xDDDD I feel bad for her.
I love how you set that up too.
Haruki looks so cute in the first pannel.
Ahahaha, that's funny, her only thoughts are, "Wait- is he really going grocery shopping dressed like that?" XDDD

That's pretty priceless!

Oh and thank you for telling me what you used for this comic. It's a really good comic so far, I enjoy it much. ^^
Homg I'm horrible with names and such so I'll just mark this as a chapter break. And incase anyone was wondering this page features Julia in the front, Anne and father Walter in the back. xD

Enjoy. <3
I love the blocked-out shadding, not too much of it but just the right ammount of it. What do you use to do this comic in? Is it digital or is it actually done in pencil? Just wondering. <3
December 13th, 2006
I made a new page after how many months...? Um well the last page was scanned in July and it's December now so....? XD

Oh and I guess you could call this page a filler in a way... ^^;
December 9th, 2006
Wow, she seems like a bitch already. xD How rude! XP
Wait til you guys see Anne. xD
(Though I doubt you'll see her out of uniform anytime soon in this comic.) xDD;
December 3rd, 2006
As you might have noticed... The cover has nothing to do with the actual comic. xDDD
Ok so this is the absolute last page that I have completed... And um well I'll get to making more pages sometime, but in the meantime I hope everyone's enjoed my comic thus far. <3